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 Photograph (c) Melissa Stilwell Photography

Photograph (c) Melissa Stilwell Photography

Don't Be A Square 

During our time at MSU, we cut our teeth and swung our partners at monthly square dances held at the Carl D. Perkins Community Center in Morehead, KY. Picking up and learning tunes in the dance band formed a love for our region’s rich musical heritage. For the past few years our educational - performance - and preservation pursuits have been divided between both tune and song. And so, in early 2018, after needing to fill a personal void we began our square dance series to focus in on playing regional fiddle and banjo tunes at community gatherings in which they derived. We modeled DBAS after the oldest community-sponsored square dance in the commonwealth, Carcassonne in Letcher Co., KY. Yet unlike typical square dances, we end each dance by inviting a lively band for folks to two-step the night away. Check our schedule - polish your dancin’ shoes - and join us in this time-honored tradition. No experience or partner necessary!


01.13 || The Burl (Lexington, KY) — DBAS

02.08 || The Burl (Lexington, KY) — DBAS - Lexington Old-Time Gathering

04.18 || Rowan Co. Arts Center (Morehead, KY)

08.30 || The Burl (Lexington, KY) — DBAS

11.14 || Rowan Co. Arts Center (Morehead, KY)

11.16 || Meadowgreen Appalachian Music Park (Clay City, KY) - DBAS