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It’s happened.

Honeys MERCH is officially available online.

We’ve teamed up with some of Kentucky’s finest visual artists to create unique musical treasures. Thank you, John Haywood, Scott Updike, Logan Miller, and Nathan Paul Isacc for lending us your talents, time, and support.

This is for our fans far and wide who we don’t get to see as often as we’d like. As of now we’re only shipping within the US.

Please note that all prices include shipping. What ya see is what ya get.

We have additional merch items that can only be picked up at live shows so come catch a buzz.

Don’t Be A Square - at The Burl

Tomorrow’s DBAS will be in conjunction with the second-annual Lexington Old-Time Music Gathering. We will be hosting this shindig at The Burl with LOTMG and Lexington’s own Emperor Records. 


The dance will be from 7-9pm with Kentucky fiddle and banjo music provided by yours truly and our pals The Golden West Cowboys from the Golden West.  


From 9pm till closin’ time you’ll want to pull on your best two-steppers and bump belt buckles to the likes of Darrin Hacquard, Wayne Graham, Luna and the Mountain Jets, Laid Back Country Picker, and the Giant Rooster Sideshow. 


You can get the full low down the entire LOTMG 4-day event here: 


"Don't Be A Square" at The Burl

We're beyond ecstatic to host the inaugural square dance at Lexington's premiere live-music venue, The Burl. The dance will be called by the lovely Johanna Sims beginning at 8PM and afterwards, Giant Rooster Sideshow will soothe our honky-tonk hearts with some soulful two-steppin' tracks.

Don't worry about having any square dancing experience. It's easy to catch on to. Even after a couple of beers! 


Where in the hell is Dingess, Kentucky?

(...coordinates given only to the minds of the courageous and tenacious...)

W.B. Walker's "Old Soul Radio Show" 4th Anniversary show is fast approaching and we're happier than ol' Blue layin' on the porch chewin' on a big ol' catfish head. We're awfully proud to be sprinkled among such a killer lineup. 

Them ol' Local Honeys...I figure I'd start the set out with quite possibly my favorite song released in their latest release...'Little Girls Actin' Like Men' hell...let's get to the's them ol' Local Honeys for ya...tellin' ya about them ol' Cigarette Trees...on W.B. Walker's 'Old Soul Radio Show'...Ayeoh
- Episode 136: W.B Walker's Old Soul Radio Show Podcast 

W.B. Walker's 'Old Soul Radio Show' 4th Anniversary Show

The V Club 


Tim Lancaster 7:00-7:25

YOURS TRULY... 7:30-8:00

The Horse Traders 8:05-8:35   

Sam Williams 8:45-9:15 

Josh Morningstar 9:25-9:55

Billy Don Burns 10:00-10:45

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound 10:55-11:40

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers 11:50-12:50

Tyler Childers 1:00-2:00






"The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore"

"When Jean Ritchie was a young girl, the Louisville & Nashville Railroad had a little passenger train that ran by the mouth of the Slabtown Holler in Viper, Kentucky, where the Ritchie Family lived.  When the coal mines shut down, the passenger service along with the coal trains was discontinued.  It was one of the first signs of hard times.  'The L And N Don’t Stop Here Anymore' is a reflection of the period."

— Ritchie's son, Jonathan Pickow

The L&N tells the story of declining employment for the coal and railroading industries. The dissolving of these industries proved to be economically destructive and to this day remains a hot topic issue in our region. Ritchie originally credited the song to her grandfather, Than Hall, because like many young women in years past she used a pseudonym to protect her ideology from the public eye. It is a real song. It hurt then and it hurts now. Many families are still living the story. 


The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore

Written by: Jean Ritchie 

Performed by: The Local Honeys 

In Dingess, WV for W.B. Walker's Old Soul Radio Show 

Videography by: Melissa Stilwell Photography








Cowan Creek Mountain Music School

Mark Your Calendars

June 19th-23rd 2017

We're excited to be a part of 2017's Cowan Creek Mountain Music School. 

Linda Jean will be teaching "Beginning Overhand Banjo" class and Montana will be aiding John Haywood as a teaching assistant in his "Southeast Kentucky Banjo Styles" class. 

The 16th annual Cowan Creek Mountain Music School, June 19-23, 2017 will bring together some of this country's finest old time musicians, along with students of all levels, for a week of learning and fun.  

The school will offer courses in banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass, singing, old time string band, storytelling, and Kids on the Creek, an arts and music class for kids ages 3 to 10 led by Amanda Wells, Sophie Dansereau and Debra Fields.  Other faculty include Jimmy McCown, Erynn Marshall, John Haywood, Don Rogers, Carla Gover, John Schwab, Sarah Wood, John Harrod, Karly Dawn Milner, Linda Jean Stokley, Russell Wright, Brett Ratliff, Nate Polly and Angie DeBord .

Students will enjoy in-class visits and afternoon performances by masters of traditional music Bruce Greene, Lee Sexton and Betty Vornbrock as well as jam sessions, workshops, faculty concerts and square dancing.  

The school is held at the Cowan Elementary School and the Cowan Community Center near Whitesburg in Letcher County, Kentucky.  Instrument classes are open to kids age 11 and older and adults.  Tuition is $200 for Kentucky residents and $250 for out-of- state students. Tuition for Kids on the Creek is $100. Youth scholarships are available! Registrations are due by June 9.

 For a complete schedule and registration information see the website: or request a brochure at or call (606) 633-3187 .

The Cowan Creek Mountain Music School is produced by the Cowan Community Action Group, Inc. with support from Appalshop, the Letcher County Board of Education and the Letcher County Tourism Council.



"How Many Young Girls Would Take Guns And Go Hunting?"

After our long overdue college graduation, we set our sights far across the sea to the tiny, bear-shaped Emerald Isle of Ireland.  ‘Twas there that we were so fortunate to meet one of our favorite bands early on in the summer of our demise; Lynched, a Dublin based Trad band.

Within a small and empty pub, we shared tunes over dark, frothy pints, and it was here that we first heard our new friend, Radie Peat belt out this beautiful English ballad. The entrancing melody caught our ears and we quickly learned the tune, while adapting it to our traditional mountain sound.

Like many songs during the summer of 2015, we learned and practiced it while dangling our legs off of the window ledges of our little apartment on Ely.

This video of "Hares On The Mountain" was captured by Nathan Isaac's amazing eyeballs. It is part of #SomerSessions video series in Somerset, Kentucky. You can check out more SomerSession videos of regional artists at:

Red Room Recordings at The Shine House

Hey y'all, SomerSessions put us in their picture box.

"Cigarette Trees" - Written by Linda Jean Stokley - Performed by The Local Honeys 


"Rock Salt And Nails" - Written by Utah Phillips - Performed by The Local Honeys


Check out the good works in Pulaski County, Kentucky from Nathan and Amy Isaac. Subscribe to SomerSessions on Youtube to support local music from Kentucky.