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Jalopy Theatre presents: the 2019 Brooklyn Folk Festival

In April, we're partnering with Appalshop Inc. to represent central and east Kentucky music alongside our mentors, John Harrod and Nate Polly. We will be showcasing at the 2019 Brooklyn Folk Festival and will be celebrating the 50 years of community work Appalshop has done FOR the mountains and IN the mountains. They are champions of Kentucky and Appalachian people and projects and we are privileged to work alongside them with preservation and cultural exchange and diplomacy.  

Our set at BFF is Saturday April 6 (time TBA) on the Main Stage in Brooklyn, NY. 


Held at:

St. Ann's Church

157 Montague Street (btwn Clinton and Henry)

Brooklyn, NY


Featuring 40+ bands


Jam sessions

Film screenings


Delicious local food

Blues, old time string bands, jug bands, music from Italy, Colombia, and Mali, Western Swing, Trad Jazz, Bluegrass, Songwriters, Ragtime, Gospel + more!

As always, we are honored to be cultural delegates with an organization of this caliber and graciously thank Tanya, Tommy, Caroline, and our Appalshop family. 


For more information and TIX visit:

Dive for the Oyster + Dig for the Clam


The FIRST square dance of 2019 is fast approaching and we won't even be here for it! We'll be at Kings Place in London, England for the first show of our biggest tour yet. BUT don't fret, Anna Kline + John M Looney (of Grits + Soul) have got it all together and ready to go.

The band will be taken over by the Rip n' Snorts:

Grits & Soul

Andy Brown

Megan Gregory

Don Rogers 

Called by: Will Rogers

Held at: Meadowgreen Appalachian Music Park

Concessions available

NO alcohol inside the barn please.

2019 Square Dancing in East KY

Mark your calendars!

Community square dances are EVERY 2nd FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH of the season. 


The DON'T BE A SQUARE community square dances will begin again on January 11, 2019. The dances will be held on the SECOND FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH at our favorite historic bluegrass music barn, Meadowgreen Appalachian Music Park in Clay City, KY.

It's a rousing good time for the whole family.

All ages welcome.

No experience or partner necessary.

Concessions available.

NO alcohol inside the barn, please.

You'll be seeing some of these posters hanging 'round the Gorge but feel free to share this on your social media platform of choice and help spread the word.

Happy dancing and warm wishes from your Honeys!


It’s happened.

Honeys MERCH is officially available online.

We’ve teamed up with some of Kentucky’s finest visual artists to create unique musical treasures. Thank you, John Haywood, Scott Updike, Logan Miller, and Nathan Paul Isacc for lending us your talents, time, and support.

This is for our fans far and wide who we don’t get to see as often as we’d like. As of now we’re only shipping within the US.

Please note that all prices include shipping. What ya see is what ya get.

We have additional merch items that can only be picked up at live shows so come catch a buzz.

Don’t Be A Square - at The Burl

Tomorrow’s DBAS will be in conjunction with the second-annual Lexington Old-Time Music Gathering. We will be hosting this shindig at The Burl with LOTMG and Lexington’s own Emperor Records. 


The dance will be from 7-9pm with Kentucky fiddle and banjo music provided by yours truly and our pals The Golden West Cowboys from the Golden West.  


From 9pm till closin’ time you’ll want to pull on your best two-steppers and bump belt buckles to the likes of Darrin Hacquard, Wayne Graham, Luna and the Mountain Jets, Laid Back Country Picker, and the Giant Rooster Sideshow. 


You can get the full low down the entire LOTMG 4-day event here: 


"Don't Be A Square" at The Burl

We're beyond ecstatic to host the inaugural square dance at Lexington's premiere live-music venue, The Burl. The dance will be called by the lovely Johanna Sims beginning at 8PM and afterwards, Giant Rooster Sideshow will soothe our honky-tonk hearts with some soulful two-steppin' tracks.

Don't worry about having any square dancing experience. It's easy to catch on to. Even after a couple of beers! 


Where in the hell is Dingess, Kentucky?

(...coordinates given only to the minds of the courageous and tenacious...)

W.B. Walker's "Old Soul Radio Show" 4th Anniversary show is fast approaching and we're happier than ol' Blue layin' on the porch chewin' on a big ol' catfish head. We're awfully proud to be sprinkled among such a killer lineup. 

Them ol' Local Honeys...I figure I'd start the set out with quite possibly my favorite song released in their latest release...'Little Girls Actin' Like Men' hell...let's get to the's them ol' Local Honeys for ya...tellin' ya about them ol' Cigarette Trees...on W.B. Walker's 'Old Soul Radio Show'...Ayeoh
- Episode 136: W.B Walker's Old Soul Radio Show Podcast 

W.B. Walker's 'Old Soul Radio Show' 4th Anniversary Show

The V Club 


Tim Lancaster 7:00-7:25

YOURS TRULY... 7:30-8:00

The Horse Traders 8:05-8:35   

Sam Williams 8:45-9:15 

Josh Morningstar 9:25-9:55

Billy Don Burns 10:00-10:45

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound 10:55-11:40

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers 11:50-12:50

Tyler Childers 1:00-2:00