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It read, "Letter from Tom T."

This evening we almost lost our damn minds when we saw the subject line of an email from the Olive Hill Arts & Education Center. 

It read, "Letter from Tom T." 

That's right! The Storyteller, Mr. Tom T. Hall wrote The Local Honeys a letter. (swoon)

The President of the Olive Hill Historical Society, Linda Lowe, was sharing the traditional music happenings in and around the Olive Hill area with her family friend, Mr. Tom T. and specifically mentioned the children's songwriting workshop we led last month. Linda sent him the blog post (Craftin' Little Tom T. Halls)  that we wrote about our day spent with the little inspiring storytellers in Carter County. 

Tom T. asked Linda to relay this letter to us. (posted below) 

We guess it doesn't matter "Who's Gonna Feed Them Hogs" cause we're as happy as two dead pigs in the sunshine. Love you too, Tom T.