From one of our favorite fellers, The Storyteller

"You are a credit to a great Kentucky tradition." - Tom T. Hall

Tom T. Hall is an American songwriter and musician, popularly deemed, The Storyteller and rightfully so. 

As a 27-year-old native of Olive Hill, Kentucky, Hall cut his teeth on Music Row in Nashville, churning out a plethora of damn good music and drinking a lot of black coffee. He released his album, "In Search Of A Song" in 1971, showcasing his creativity in observation and imagination. It's a record we keep close to the turntable and in the back of our thoughts as we earn our songwriting stripes. We channel Tom T. when we hit the road in The Merc and travel the two-lane. Hot coffee to open our senses and the radio dialed in to the purest country stations we can find. 

You can imagine our curiosity when we received an envelope with a mysterious Country Music Hall of Fame seal and our surprise upon revealing a handwritten letter from Tom T. 

This is the second personal letter of praise and encouragement we've received from our hero and we're damn proud. Thanks Tom T. We love ya. 

"2016 weren't bad at all cause we got two letters from Tom T. Hall" - The Local Honeys 


To The Local Honeys,

Linda sent me your C.D. It is original and wonderful in it's concept. I wish you all the best. You are a credit to a great Kentucky tradition. I have never been to John's Creek, but now I want to go!

Best wishes,

Tom T. Hall

"I Remember The Year That...we Received Two Letters From Tom T. Hall And 'Bout Kilt Over"

- The Local Honeys


Still: The Journal

We are proud to be included in the latest fall issue of Still:The Journal. Thank you Silas House, Marianne Worthington, & Karen Salyer McElmurry for the riveting reference in the twenty-second issue of Still: The Journal

Our songwriting reflects subject matter that little girls ought not talk about.

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